Here’s Emmas quick quips for you to politically ponder even though you most definitely didn’t ask for them:
1. Democracy doesn’t work. Don’t ask me what does, I have no idea. All I know is that 30 old bids that live in the middle of nowhere having the same say as the entire population of Manchester is neither fair nor equal.

2. Voting Gandalf/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Dumbledore/[insert relatable character here] as PM is not going to save the galaxy as many have come to believe. Unfortunately this isn’t a Tolkien novel, it’s real life. With that said however I’m sure we’d all much rather give Corby a go at the job than suffer 4 more years of absolute May hell while she continues to supply arms to the Middle East, take police off the streets, privatise the NHS and make schools exclusively for the kids with wealthy parents, among many, many other horrendous things…

3. NEVER trust a Tory. Stating the obvious I know but some things just need repeating.
Have a great day. And remember, if May does win, at least Orange Is The New Black season 5 goes up on Netflix tomorrow so that can distract us momentarily from the impending doom we all face.