Hey all!

I’m going to be playing this lovely show with Captain Chaos on June 18th at Fuel in Withington, Manchester. I’m super excited and it should be loads of fun! Come down and hang out!

Emma OX

Captain Chaos (Chris of Ghost Mice) :: The Lab Rats :: Emma Hallows at Fuel Manchester


Yes, it was amazing. Yes, please watch the first part of my adventures!

Emma xo


A quick update because sometimes I forget that I actually have a website and that I should update it, but this year I’m playing MANCHESTER PUNK FESTIVAL and I’m super excited! Last year I went and had an awesome time with awesome people and I’m stoked to be a part of it this year. I’m also going to be filming my days there, so if I see you and I stick a camera in you face, I’m sorry in advance! ;P

Emma xo

Here it is! The first I’m my 10,000 miles series and the first stop was Amsterdam.


Day 4 is up! Chinese new year huzzah!!

Emma xo

Day 3! I made a sandwich. Enjoy!

Emma xo

My week of One Shots day 2!

Chinese New Year light show in Manchester.

Emma ox

Here’s the introduction to my One Shot series! Enjoy!

Emma xo

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