Yes, it was amazing. Yes, please watch the first part of my adventures!

Emma xo


A quick update because sometimes I forget that I actually have a website and that I should update it, but this year I’m playing MANCHESTER PUNK FESTIVAL and I’m super excited! Last year I went and had an awesome time with awesome people and I’m stoked to be a part of it this year. I’m also going to be filming my days there, so if I see you and I stick a camera in you face, I’m sorry in advance! ;P

Emma xo

Here it is! The first I’m my 10,000 miles series and the first stop was Amsterdam.


Day 4 is up! Chinese new year huzzah!!

Emma xo

Day 3! I made a sandwich. Enjoy!

Emma xo

My week of One Shots day 2!

Chinese New Year light show in Manchester.

Emma ox

Here’s the introduction to my One Shot series! Enjoy!

Emma xo

Played a show in a brewery. It was cold 👌🍺❄. 📷: Jonny Lubbuck. #hangs #besttime #toodrunk (at Alphabet Brewing Company)

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