A friend of mine recently posted on his blog all the best bits he’d managed to screenshot in his year of gaming, and it really was a pleasure to see what he had gotten up to in his digital life. Unfortunately, I’d not planned ahead, and as a result haven’t taken any amazing staged shots in game, but some of the trophy moments made me smile so I thought I’d share a couple as 2017 has been my personal best year in gaming in a few years. I hope you enjoy, and here’s to 2018!

Sebastian and I sharing a moment in Stardew valley. You’re damn right I married the emo boy.

Enjoying playing as Freddy in Dead By Daylight. My favourite multiplayer of the year!

Saving the Universe in Destiny 2. Standard.

Enjoying the nostalgia hype in both Crash Bandicoot and Sonic Mania!

The Yakuza series quickly became one of my all time favourites this year. Here’s my two top boys I enjoyed playing as the most this year.

Uncharted Lost Legacy was a dream to play. Excited for a new direction with the Uncharted series.

[Honourable mention to Persona 5 and Resident Evil 7, two games I unfortunately lack the screenshots for!]