So July in general was pretty slow. I barely worked, so I had nothing to fill up my days, and now in August I have no money as a result. I'm not complaining though, I had lots of time to myself to draw, play video games and watch Anime, so swings and roundabouts! In my virtual life, I completed that super hard level on Crash Bandicoot, the DLC level they gave for free. I think it took me just under two hours, which I don't think was too bad! I'm also super close to prestige on Dead By Daylight, which I'm sure I'll hit during the summer event this weekend.

Here's a picture I drew! 僕のヒーローアカデミア is my fave right now, can't stop won't stop!

However, at the start to July I went to Didsbury car show for a little picnic and a hang with my darling boyfriend Andrew, it was a lovely day we spent together. Here's some cool cars I papped.

A real cool thing that happened to me though was I won an Instagram tattoo competition which was awesome! I got this cool little backpack done by a fabulous Stockport based artist called @luciantattoos on Insta, go check him out and give him a follow because he really is great!

Real talk though, I'm actually in love with this tattoo! 😍

💉 & 📸: @luciantattoos []

And that's about it from me, here's a picture of some delicious homemade ramen I made at some point throughout July!

PS, I bought an iPad Pro, expect loads of Procrate pics and stuff 😁