Hello, yes, again i decided to upload some more tracks i recorded. The first was i song i uploaded to YouTube that i wrote for Attack On Titan Season 1 that i never put on bandcamp, so since Season 2 has kicked off, i figured now is the perfect time!



The next set of tracks are covers i did, this will probably be an ongoing thing and i’ll update it regularly. Of course i will post on here whenever i do add a song. The idea behind a few of the covers on here will be a little rough and ready, they will be recorded on my phone for the moment, and if i upload a video to YouTube, that will also be a one take unedited thing too. The reason for this is because i don’t have a laptop capable for editing my ideas at the moment, and since i am feeling a creative flow, i don’t want that to hinder me.


Covers Cover

Anyway, please enjoy! And i will keep you updated as and when. Thanks!