A few years ago i was writing and recording a EP, and for whatever reason at the time, i decided i hated everything about it and gave up. Recently, i stumbled across a bunch of these tracks, and with hindsight regretted my decision. So, here they are, The Emma Hallows songs that i kept telling people were happening, almost 4 years later.

At the time, i think i was battling with myself and very much being my own worst critic. I had it in my head that i needed everything to be a certain way and if it wasn’t, it wasn’t happening. Which looking back i know had the best intentions, but getting older something happened i didn’t expect. These songs became a snapshot of a time in my life, better than a photograph or a video, because you can feel emotion through a song in a way that you can’t feel anywhere else. When i listen to these now at 26, after years without them, i remember every thought, every feeling, every moment, and everything i was trying to say, these are probably the closest thing i have to a diary of my late teens and early 20s. Even though at the time i may have been putting my heart on my sleeve singing these things that were so difficult for me to talk about back then, now i have this great sense of fondness and they warm my heart in a way i never had the foresight to think of. The Great thing about being a musician is this journey i’m on never fails to surprise me at every turn.

May they fill your heart with warmth akin to mine.


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