Hey! How’s it going? It’s been a hot moment since i last had a chat, or since we ‘shot the shit’. Thought i’d start by saying, thank you for joining me over at my brand spanking new website! I used to use Tumblr, but for a while now i’ve not been too happy with the platform and stopped using it pretty much, So i figured i would transfer all my stuff over to WordPress and give that a bash for a while, as the platform seem’s a little more grown up and a lot cleaner. That said, you’ll have to be patient while i get all my URLs up and running.

What’s new with me? Nothing too big, but a lot has happened since i last did a real update. in the last 12 months i travelled across Italy…


[Top of Mt Vesuvius, Napoli Italy, Summer 2016]

went back to school, moved in with Andrew, quit my job and then last month i nearly died…


[I know i look happy in this photo, but i most definitely was not]

among other day to day things that have happened too. Anyway, it’s been great catching up, i’ve written lots of stuff over the past few months, and since i have a handy little netbook to use they might make their way online. Unfortunately, i struggle with video editing as i don’t have anything that can handle it, but if i can post new videos, i will. For now though, its been great chatting! さようなら!