I read a passive agressive blog post the other day where a woman basically tore a man a new one because he was above average height and he attended a punk rock show. She kept talking about how he had some obligation to stand at the back because he was tall so she could have a better view of the band, and literally called him every name under the sun you could possibly think of. It really ruffled my feathers as that man had done nothing but stand in the same spot for two hours, enjoying a band, and because of genetics he was getting slandered for it. Please stop calling people names over silly stuff like this. If someone is stood in front of you at a busy show and you’re having trouble seeing the band, ask the person in front of you if you can stand in front of them, they’ll probably say yes! I know I will. Remember, we’re all at the show for the same reason so be posi and have good safe fun. And stop calling each other names, its dumb.