What’s happening internet? Sorry for dropping off the planet, in hindsight my life spiralled out of control for a while back there and i managed to grab it and put it back on the right path before it went to mental. Mental.

Yeah, i quit my old job because it nearly killed me and got another one where i get to talk to people about videogames all day, its good and i don’t want to kill myself, epic win. Didn’t do much in the way of YouTube/Twitter/Internet over Christmas because i was working 50+ hour weeks the whole time, which might sound like it was rough but it really wasn’t that bad, And now i’m going travelling Japan as a result of not having an Xmas. Which to my eyes is an epic win.

Yeah, starting in Warsaw, then onto Moscow, and ending up in Tokyo. From there i have no idea whats going to happen but im really excited to find out. I’ve tried to learn some basic Japanese and i’ve been listening to a lot if DIY bands from over that way in the hopes i’ll catch a few shows while i’m there.

I’ll be videoing, tweeting and updating all the networks and ting on my travels. I’m excited and its going to be mental.

Hopefully when im back i’ll finish recording some new songs, and play some shows on my own and with my band. I might even put a few shows on too, who knows?!

Here’s a dude who’s tunes i like, he’s from Tokyo and he’s called Kensuke Yamamoto – http://kensukeyamamoto.bandcamp.com/album/in-house-diary

See you soon Bae OX