A Folk-O-Rama Tribute to Punk-O-Rama: OUT NOW!

Hey everyone, the latest Folk-O-Rama comp is out now! Please give it a listen and feel free to reblog, share with your friends, burn CDs etc. Thanks for all your support! Folk-O-Rama wouldn’t be possible without every single one of you.

Download or stream for free:

  1. Sledding With Tigers – “Coffee Mug” (Descendents)
  2. Bowsprit – “Bullion” (Millencolin)
  3. Just Nick – “Strangled” (Osker)
  4. Paper Ceilings – “True Believers” (Bouncing Souls)
  5. Bandits! – “What’s Left of the Flag” (Flogging Molly)
  6. Bogsey and the Argonauts – “Telepath Boy” (Zeke)
  7. We Few – “Love to be Hated” (Agnostic Front)
  8. Jose Anything – “Hooray for Me” (Pulley)
  9. The Last Centurion – “You” (Bad Religion)
  10. Human Kitten – “Plea from a Cat Named Virtute” (The Weakerthans)
  11. Harker – “Trusty Chords” (Hot Water Music)

(Cover art by Brandon Boggs)