Yeah, so as i said while booking the shows i’m doing a bit of a birthday tour, it’s actually worked out better than i could have imagined and i have 9 days of awesome birthday hangs ahead of me, see you then? 😉

Only thing im missing is a cheeky poster, so if anyone wants to give us a hand, that would be rad!


28th – The Fitz, Brighton W/As We Sink, Three Summers Strong, River Jumpers, Woahnows –


1st – TBA, Dorking W/Break Ups, The Brilliantly Simple + 1 TBA

2nd – Astbury Castle (Women’s Day House Show), London W/El Morgan, Kelly Kemp, Perkie, Damsel, Ren Spits At Magpies, Katie Raine + More –

3rd – The Bay Horse, Manchester W/Woahnows, Muttley, The Break-Up’s

4th – The Black Swan, York W/Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band

5th – TBC, Nottingham

6th – Laura’s Tiny Kitchen (Women’s Day House Show), Norwich W/Faith Taylor, Robyn-Astrid, Damsel –

7th – The Corner House, Cambridge W/Break ups

8th – The Victoria Inn, Derby W/Beans On Toast, Ruth Bellamy –