Not much Has happened really since ive gotten back from download, kind of keeping it on the lowdown before shit blows up over the next cupple of months, i think i was supposed to be working to get some money together for the whirlwind thats going to happen but ive done fuck all work if im honest. Will be in Paris form the 13th of July for a while, when i get back i have the following to tear up;

28/07 – Fuel, whitington

03/08 – Jabez Clegg, with my homeboys/gal in The Fort Apache, i suggest you check them out.

06/08 – Abbey Inn, Oldham

10/08 – The Retro Bar, Manchester

13/08 – Sandbar, Openmind Festival, Manchester

18/08 – Verve Bar, Leeds

25/08 – Night And Day, Folk Apocalypse, Manchester

Then the next day im off too Leeds Fest with the other half for the weekend, and then as soon as i get back from that im shoved back into full time education up in Huddersfield, will have to get on looking for a job too up there i think so i wont have to come home too much.

Yeah if your about come see me play, I’ll be announcing more dates in August too so keep and ear out.

Also! I put a little about me section at the top of my page, go check it out if you fancy! 🙂