Thank you.

I didn’t have the internet or cable TV when I was a teenager. Instead I used to go out and buy CDs from bands that were in the liner notes of other bands CDs, lock myself in my room, and play guitar along with the music blasting, much to my mothers and neighbours dismay. I spent most of my teenage years alone in my room with my guitars and CDs, Meteora was one of them, and without it I wouldn’t have done half of the things I’ve done with music because it was one of the albums that taught me how to play the guitar. For that, I will be forever in your debt.

Linkin Park were also one of the first bands that taught me to turn it up loud to drown it all out, something that at 26 I still do almost daily. The anger conveyed in the words you sang helped me deal with a lot of anger I had, and to some extent still do. So thank you, for everything.

I Passed!

Sorry this is coming to you a little late, I’m a very lazy human these days and I forget things pretty easily. Anyway, here’s my June roundup!

So, yep, I passed my first year of University. Getting the news was a massive relief as I had spent the best part of 2 months stressing about the outcome. That was pretty much the major bit of news for that month, and other than that i didn’t do much else.

Here’s Andrew, Scott, Kate, Elisa and myself celebrating my good news.

Also, a good friend of mine, Laura, turned 22 and she had a little shin dig. Here’s a photo from that get together.

Anyway, my mind is now at ease for at least a couple of months. I’m stress free and enjoying the summer, I hope you’re doing much of the same.

Morning! Voting today?..

Here’s Emmas quick quips for you to politically ponder even though you most definitely didn’t ask for them:
1. Democracy doesn’t work. Don’t ask me what does, I have no idea. All I know is that 30 old bids that live in the middle of nowhere having the same say as the entire population of Manchester is neither fair nor equal.

2. Voting Gandalf/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Dumbledore/[insert relatable character here] as PM is not going to save the galaxy as many have come to believe. Unfortunately this isn’t a Tolkien novel, it’s real life. With that said however I’m sure we’d all much rather give Corby a go at the job than suffer 4 more years of absolute May hell while she continues to supply arms to the Middle East, take police off the streets, privatise the NHS and make schools exclusively for the kids with wealthy parents, among many, many other horrendous things…

3. NEVER trust a Tory. Stating the obvious I know but some things just need repeating.
Have a great day. And remember, if May does win, at least Orange Is The New Black season 5 goes up on Netflix tomorrow so that can distract us momentarily from the impending doom we all face.

The month of May.

こんにちは!I used to do these monthly round up things where I would tell you how how I’ve been, what I’ve been up too, and post a few pictures. For whatever reason I stopped doing them and I have no idea why, so here I am giving it a whirl for May 2017.
This month I finished Universtity, which is a weight off my mind, but now I’m regularly wondering round wondering what to do with myself. I had a Lingusitcs exam and and an English exam this month. Don’t get my results ’till the end of June, I’m so stressed.

I took up skateboarding again this month and that’s been fun. It’s really rainy at the moment so I haven’t been out in a minute but hey ho, the weather will clear up eventually.

Took and impromtue trip to Dovestones Resovoir the other weekend. Walked around and had a little adventure.

Also went to London for a friends birthday. We went to a pop up bar that was an old WW2 bunker and we had to decode all these mysteries in order to get our custom cocktails. It was a bit different and loads of fun! Here’s a picture of parliament.

I guess I had quite an eventful month in hindsight. Anyway what did you get up to? Tweet me or something and let me know. 

Love and posi vibes everyone 🤙✌️❤️

Midwestern States by The Menzingers Cover

Waddup! Did a little cover this afternoon and i think it turned out pretty well. Give it whirl if you’re into that kinda thing.

Solo Yolo #2

This week i uploaded episode 2 from my Solo Yolo series i shot last summer, check it out!

More Music? Madness!

Hello, yes, again i decided to upload some more tracks i recorded. The first was i song i uploaded to YouTube that i wrote for Attack On Titan Season 1 that i never put on bandcamp, so since Season 2 has kicked off, i figured now is the perfect time!


The next set of tracks are covers i did, this will probably be an ongoing thing and i’ll update it regularly. Of course i will post on here whenever i do add a song. The idea behind a few of the covers on here will be a little rough and ready, they will be recorded on my phone for the moment, and if i upload a video to YouTube, that will also be a one take unedited thing too. The reason for this is because i don’t have a laptop capable for editing my ideas at the moment, and since i am feeling a creative flow, i don’t want that to hinder me.

Covers Cover

Anyway, please enjoy! And i will keep you updated as and when. Thanks!

Surprise! New EP Keep Your Eyes On The Road available for download now!

A few years ago i was writing and recording a EP, and for whatever reason at the time, i decided i hated everything about it and gave up. Recently, i stumbled across a bunch of these tracks, and with hindsight regretted my decision. So, here they are, The Emma Hallows songs that i kept telling people were happening, almost 4 years later.

At the time, i think i was battling with myself and very much being my own worst critic. I had it in my head that i needed everything to be a certain way and if it wasn’t, it wasn’t happening. Which looking back i know had the best intentions, but getting older something happened i didn’t expect. These songs became a snapshot of a time in my life, better than a photograph or a video, because you can feel emotion through a song in a way that you can’t feel anywhere else. When i listen to these now at 26, after years without them, i remember every thought, every feeling, every moment, and everything i was trying to say, these are probably the closest thing i have to a diary of my late teens and early 20s. Even though at the time i may have been putting my heart on my sleeve singing these things that were so difficult for me to talk about back then, now i have this great sense of fondness and they warm my heart in a way i never had the foresight to think of. The Great thing about being a musician is this journey i’m on never fails to surprise me at every turn.

May they fill your heart with warmth akin to mine.


Keep Your Eyes On The Road Bandcamp


University Engagement Project!

For my engagement project at University, my project partner Mike and I decided to write a song! It’s a little rough around the edges, but we had fun and it was completely different to what anyone else in our class was doing. Enjoy!

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